The Parish Council

The aims (Mission Statement) of Akeley Parish Council:

Akeley Parish Council represents the first tier of local government for its community (Akeley and Akeley Wood). Its main aims are:
To represent the local community in a fair, balanced and informed manner in order to improve the quality of life for those living and working in the parish and ensure community well-being and sustainability.
To deliver services to meet local needs.
To foster a socially-inclusive and caring community in which all residents have the opportunity to influence their future and that of the parish.
To manage its assets and finances in an open, efficient and effective manner for the benefit of all residents.
This statement was formally approved at the Parish Council meeting held on July 13th 2015.

Equality and Diversity Policy 13.7.2015

Annual Governance Statement from audit 2014-15

Internal Audit Report 2014-15

Aylesbury Vale Community Chest grant 2015

Audit notice 2016


Your Parish Councillors are elected in the Parish Council election, they are unpaid and are here to help and represent you. There is also a paid Clerk to the Parish Council.

Contact any of them, or come along to a meeting to find out what they do and how you can have your say in local matters.

If we are not the correct authority to deal with your query, we will find the right direction to point you in and can represent you if necessary.



The Parish Councillors and their phone numbers are:

Terry CavenderChairman01280 860316
John HockleyVice Chairman01280 860232
Clair Flynn01280 860770
Cara GeorgeAllotments Officer01280
Sally Siddique01280
(Emmaline) Ruth MillardClerk to Akeley Parish Council01280 814739



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