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Queens 90th Birthday Beacon Lighting (Posted April 8, 2016)


Akeley Beacon Lighting                                                                                                                 14June2012

See the story of the Akeley Beacon by clicking on the link below.

Akeley Beacon Lighting.


Akeley Jubilee Celebrations                                                                                                          14April2012

Akeley residents will be celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in style this year with an array of village events on Sunday June 3rd and Monday June 4th. There will be a Community Lunchtime Picnic, a Children’s Tea Party and Fancy Dress, a Procession of Jubilee Floats, an Evening Pig Roast and Party with Music in the Square, an Evening BBQ and a special ceremonial event with the lighting of the Akeley Jubilee Beacon. Here’s to an eventful weekend to celebrate Her Majesty’s 60 years on the throne and to enjoy some true village community spirit. All Welcome. 


Slow Down (please)                                                                                                                            11Feb2011

During a police speed enforcement in Akeley on Wednesday 9th Feb 2011, 17 tickets were issued. 10 of these were to residents from the local area. One vehicle was seized for no insurance and the highest speed coming into the village was 47 mph. Just in case anyone is not sure, its 30mph from the moment you pass the signs coming into the village until AFTER you pass the signs going out of the village.


The Pole-Men Commeth                                                                                                                       11Feb2011

Observant residents will have noticed the shiny black poles ready for the signs. We anticipate the Vehicle activated signs will be installed in the coming month or so.

This is following the site meeting with Transport for Buckingham when the proposed location of the signs was agreed. That follows the Parish Council receiving confirmation of the funding from Buckinghamshire County Council for a Vehicle Activated Signs at each end of the village on the A413. 

This has come from the 2010/2011 budget and has been approved at the Local Area Forum meeting. Many of you will know that the Parish Council have been working with various partner agencies to address traffic speed on the A413 for many years.

Watch this space for more updates – we anticipate installation during the summer period.


New Patio for Akeley Village Hall                                                                                                       25Jun2010

A newly-constructed patio was opened at Akeley Village Hall on Wednesday. Financed by a grant of £5,000 from Aylesbury Vale Community Chest, a Grassroots Grant (funded by the Office of the Third Sector) of £4,000 from the Buckinghamshire Community Foundation, and £2,000 raised by the hall’s management committee over the past three years, the 1600 sq.ft. patio was officially declared open in front of an audience of villagers by Roger Lowe and Beverley Trevitt representing the two grant providers. Andy Sayer, Chairman of the village hall’s management committee, said: “This was a feature that the committee had always hoped to provide for the new hall. We didn’t have the money to do it when the hall was built in 2006, so we’re delighted to have been able to proceed with the project this spring following receipt of the grants.” The patio was built by N & J Hannah from Dadford to the committee’s design and is already proving to be a popular resource among users of both the village hall and the surrounding recreation field. Andy Sayer went on to add: “I would like to thank the committee – Tim Earle for his hard work in securing the funding, Sherri Holland our Secretary, and Andy Waide – along with our Treasurer, Alan Taylor, and Caretaker, Ann Ramshaw, for the success and smooth running of the hall.” 


Salted 31                                                                                                                                                  Mar2010

The Parish Council successfully bid for funding from Buckinghamshire County Council for an additional salt bin. this has now been installed at the junction of Leckhampstead Road and Church Hill. Feel free to use the salt for treating icy paths and roads in the village. Hopefully we wont get any more snow for a while though (by the way, ours in green in colour!).



Pot holes                                                                                                                                              01Feb2010

Pot holes start off small and soon get bigger. If you notice any pot holes in the roads within the village, please take a moment to note its exact location such as outside number 99 Elm Street, Akeley. Then please help us all by contacting Highways-On-Call and reporting it on 0845 230 2882. Alternatively:

To send an email to Highways on Call regarding pot

holes with a copy to Ellen please click here..

Highways on call have an agreed service level and must respond within specific time frames once a report is logged. It would therefore be useful if villagers could copy Ellen the Parish Clerk ( on any emails so the Parish Council can monitor appropriate responses from the relevant council services that have the responsibility for this kind of maintenance. 

On the buses…..                                                                                                                                 29NOV2009

Buckingham County Council state they need to reduce the cost of the subsidy they give to buses for rural communities including Akeley. The service for Akeley is now the number 151 still going to Buckingham at similar times. There is however NO Saturday service.

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