Dog Owners


Designated areas include:

  • all carriageways with a speed limit of 40 miles an hour or less, and adjoining footpaths and verges
  • all parks, recreation grounds, sports grounds/pitches and open spaces owned, maintained and/or controlled by the district, town or parish councils
  • open grassed areas located adjacent to areas of residential housing
  • public rights of way
  • canal towpaths and reservoir footpaths
  • church yards and cemeteries
  • allotments
  • public car parks and pedestrianised areas
  • plus a number of specially designated areas across the Vale.

A plastic bag such as an old carrier bag or a nappy sack can be used to pick up any dog’s mess. There are three easy steps for cleaning up after your dog:

1. Grab it – using a plastic bag over your hand.
2. Bag it – turn the bag inside out and tie.
3. Bin it – put the bag into a dog bin or take it home.

Dog Ownership in Akeley

Akeley Parish Council logoIn Akeley there is a dog walk adjacent to the village hall where dogs can exercise and there are also many public footpaths that can be used for dog recreation and walking.  The village is populated with many different breeds and it is apparent in a nation of dog lovers that these facilities are used and enjoyed by a majority of pet owners.  Some guidelines to follow are to ensure that if you allow your dog to exercise off lead in public places that you supervise at all times are able to recall if necessary and also that you pick up any dog fouling. There are 2 dog bins which the Parish Council purchased and pays to have emptied once a week and sanitised once a year. One is situated on Church Hill just up from the school, the other is actually on the Dog Walk Area on the Recreational Field.

Although it is the responsibility of the dog owner to keep a supply of bags, the Parish Council did agree some time ago that it would fund a small supply ‘for emergencies’ and a villager kindly agreed to keep the wooden holder fixed to the allotments fence topped up. If a villager sees someone not picking up after their dog and can identify them, they should report it to the dog warden, giving the culprit’s address and then they will be written to. The following poster has been provided by local resident Joanne Eastwood:

Calling all dog owners and walkers

SDK Environmental Ltd operates a dog warden service on our behalf to deal with stray dogs. The dog warden, authorised officers from the Council and police community support officers enforce the legislation associated with dog fouling. The Council give general advice about your responsibilities as a dog owner. For further details and information please click here.

Contact information

Contact:  Dog Warden Service
Telephone:  08444 828338
Contact:  General advice
Telephone:  01296 585605


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