Conservation Area

Conservation Area

Aylesbury Vale District Council has carried out an appraisal of Akeley village, and has designated a single, small Conservation Area centred on the historic core of the settlement containing a large number of historic buildings. The proposal was approved at the Aylesbury Vale District Council meeting on 5th March 2008.

This initiative has been supported by the Parish Council and a copy of the final document can be downloaded by clicking here.  Any detailed questions should be passed to the Conservation Area Officer at Aylesbury Vale District Council on 01296 585244 or 01296 585748 or by email at

Alternatively, you are welcome to contact any one of the councillors or write to the Parish Council. Contact details can be found by clicking here.

Here is a map of the conservation area:

The following is a letter that has been sent to all residents of Akeley within the Conservation Area:

The following is extracted from the proposal:

There is a strong sense of ownership throughout Akeley, and local residents value their village highly. Strong boundaries delineate properties providing enclosure around the public spaces and residents take good care of their houses and gardens. All these features contribute to the special character of the village.

There is limited green space within the proposed Conservation Area. With the exception of the churchyard and grass verges, all the green space within the area is private garden. Outside the Conservation Area there is a recreation ground to the east of Church Hill. To the south west of the Conservation Area there is another area of green space. This area is in private ownership, although it may originally have been part of a larger public common. It has been split into private paddocks, but is criss-crossed with public footpaths. The many tall trees and hedges that run along property boundaries frame views around the area. There is a strong sense of enclosure along the length of Main Street, which contrasts with the open feeling of The Square.

Conservation Area designation cannot prevent development, nor should it endeavour to do so as it would prevent further organic growth of the settlement. However, it is important that designation and other forms of protection inform planning decisions and prevent modern construction from obscuring that which is special about the area. In the case of Akeley this would include the historic plan form and architectural variety, the green and open character of the surrounding area, and the intangible aspects of character such as the sense of movement through and around the village.



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