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Akeley Gardening Club was restarted in 1993 after a few years in abeyance.

It is a light-hearted, village based club which runs a number of established events each year and adds others as and when there is sufficient interest. In the past these have included coach trips, car outings, wine making, wine tasting, horticultural talks, slide shows and others. We have maintained the annual membership fee at only £2 per person and this also gives discount at Preston Bissett and Barrs Nurseries.

However, the membership has fallen in recent years due partly to people moving away and without new blood the club may expire in the not too distant future. The activities have always been considered enjoyable, family friendly and anything but hard work. A typical year is as follows:

The main event of the year is “The Show” on the first Saturday of September.  Again it is an amateur, village event, more for fun than high competition.

We are also affiliated members of the RHS which allows us one free trip a year, for 55 members, to one of the RHS gardens. Wisley being the popular choice.

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