Akeley Gardening Club Village Show (2014)

Saturday 6th September

Staging of exhibits 8:30 – 10:00

public viewing and teas from 2.30pm

prize giving at 3pm followed by auction of unclaimed exhibits

Raffle and proceeds of auction will go to our charity for this year

Buckingham citizens Advice Bureau


***All classes are open to anyone who lives in the village***

Children’s classes are open to ages 15 yrs and under  and those who attend St James & St John School.

 Children may also enter open classes if they wish.

If your child would like to colour a picture let us know and we will deliver one to you before the show

(contact Sherri 860486)

Remember, the Show is both an amateur and village based event and we would love to see as many adults and children as possible taking part – there is even a category for the men in the village to bake a cake!

A show schedule and entry form is included with this newsletter so please take a look and see what you could enter.  There is plenty to choose from whether you grow flowers or vegetables or bake or make preserves.

We would like to encourage new people to enter so if you have any questions about how to go about entering or how to display your entries please contact Sherri on 860486 or Jackie on 860295 and we will be happy to give you any help or advice we can – here are few tips to get you started:

Some Hints for Success

  • All fruit and vegetables should be washed, fruit being displayed with stalks but no leaves.
  • Items in a set should be as near equal in size and appearance as possible.
  • Specimen flowers should have excess buds and unnecessary foliage removed.
  • Collections of Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers should be garden cultivated not wild.
  • For jams and marmalade, jars should be well filled and displayed with a clear top.
  • All bottled produce should be labelled and dated.

To download the entry form please click here.

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