Free holiday for older people

NBFA Assisting the Elderly is a charity dedicated to helping the elderly stay socially and physically active through means of pain relief machines, emergency home alarms, free holidays, and subsidised Day Trips. Their goal is to ensure that the elderly who have become isolated, alone or unhappy are enabled to reintegrate, and conduct a more enjoyable lifestyle.

On 28th October they have a Break-Away holiday to Skegness, with pick-up points in Milton Keynes, Bletchley, and Buckingham.

These are free five day holidays for people 65 and over, whom are on a low income and haven’t been on holiday in three years or more. Half board accommodation, transport and entertainment are provided free of charge; all that they ask is that applicants be able to climb aboard the coach unhindered.

To find out more please contact Nisha Kotecha on 020 7828 0200 or at

To find out more about NBFA you can go to

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