Retirement of Stan Bennett from the Parish Council

Before the start of the Annual Parish Meeting, several villagers had joined the Parish Councillors at the Village Hall to mark the retirement of Stan Bennett from the Parish Council after 36 years of service. They included Terry Cavender, Brian Coxall, John Hockley (Vice Chair), Elaine Rowlands, Mike Mortimer (Chair), Mary Taylor, Ellen Sayer (Clerk), Jackie Corcoran, Alice Guise, Angela Hawker, Sherri Holland, Jeff Mainwaring-Samwell, John Tibbetts, Cathy Mortimer, Andy Sayer, Dick Russell, Dick and Dorothy Staley and Kate Mainwaring-Samwell.

On behalf of the Parish Council and the village as a whole, Mike Mortimer thanked Stan for all his hard work and contributions over the years and passed on the good wishes of District Councillor Pearl Lewis. Stan was presented with a card and a gift.


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